Dogs Play Dead When Mom Confronts Them About A Torn Up Basket

When I was a kid, I had a friend whose family owned a Border Collie. It’s common knowledge that Border Collies are pretty smart. They pick up instructions very easily which makes them quite trainable. And the best part is that they like to learn. While most of who live the suburban life doesn’t train our Border Collies to herd sheep, we do probably train them to perform other cool feats. And that is exactly what my friend’s family had done. This dog was able to fetch more than just a tennis ball. In fact, their dog was able to fetch the remote, car keys, and flip flops. In addition to this, she could also shake your hand, she could open the refrigerator door, she could “speak,” and she could roll over and play dead. As an eight-year-old kid, I was quite impressed by the paw shaking and the rolling over and playing dead. I wanted my dog to be able to shake hands and play dead. I tried to teach her, but sadly my dog never quite got good at picking up commands beyond “sit,” “stay,” and “calm down” which we used to stop her from pulling at the leash on walks. 

But there are some dogs who just naturally figure how to play dead – mostly because it comes with certain advantages for them. And for the most part, this comes in handy when a dog has done something naughty and they want to avoid punishment from their owner. While they can’t play dead forever and eventually have to face the music for what they did, it’s still pretty funny to watch them try. And in the video below, two Bulldogs did their best to try and avoid an uncomfortable situation with their upset owner. 

Both Sophia and Oliver were absolutely bad while their owners were away from the home. They made a big doggie mess of the living room! When their owners returned home, they were not happy. Suddenly feeling the sting of their actions, these two pups had to think quickly on their feet in order to get out of the trouble they were facing. Their solution was to play dead. It was quite a clever trick, or so they thought. But their owner was already one step ahead of them. In the video, she calls their bluff by announcing to the room, “Who wants a snack?” 

Low and behold these two naughty pups sprang back to life! It’s amazing the power that food holds over some. Watch the video below:

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