Dogs With Unique Markings That Will Make You Do A Double Take

Dogs come in all kinds of shapes, colors, and sizes. There is a dog out there for anyone. But some dogs have slightly different markings than others, and they’re so distinct that they end up giving dogs a rather comical appearance. From strong facial markings to random splotches in the shape of other animals, there are some dogs out there who have fur coats that definitely are conversation starters.

Below are 10 examples of dogs with unusual markings:

Source: Bored Panda

There is nothing like a dog with enviable brows. And this pooch is definitely showing off some cool brows of his own.

Source: Imgur

Those big eyes are definitely adorable. And then you add on the moustache, it’s just precious!

Source: Imgur

This little pup’s knee-high socks aren’t just cute, they also make him look like a fox. And everyone loves a fox.

Source: The Daily Beast

This puppy is adorable enough, then when you realize that the puppy has a heart on its side, he suddenly becomes even cuter! And it’s a perfect heart too!

Source: Imgur

Nothing says adorable like perfect eyeliner. And this pup has such a well-made face. That eyeliner is to die for.

Source: Imgur

Some men take their handlebar mustaches very seriously – and there is no doubt that they’d have some serious envy looking at at this dog. He’s definitely got himself a wonderful mustache.

Source: Imgur

Added on to this trend of mustaches, is this adorable little pup. Just born and clearly already rocking a great handlebar.

Source: Reshareworthy

Sometimes some dog’s color combinations are just so fortunate, they end up looking like other animals. And this adorable little guy looks like one of the most adorable animals ever: a panda!

Source: Bored Panda

At first, this dog looks like he’s just got a sprawling splotch on his face. However, on a second glance, you’ll find that the markings resemble an angel. We can only assume that the dog is a little angel too.

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