English Mastiff Is Skeptical Of The Water When Dad Teaches Him How To Swim

There are many stereotypes about dogs, some of which are more accurate than others. One of the stereotypes surrounding dogs is that all dogs love water. While this may be true of some dog breeds, there are others who aren’t that keen on water. In my family, it was the cat, Patch, who enjoyed water while my dog Bonita was less than thrilled about water. They often went to the groomer’s together. The groomer once shared with us that Bonita would whine in misery the entire time she was put into the water for bath time, while Patch thoroughly enjoyed himself.  

But perhaps the most obvious time that my dog wasn’t a big fan of water, was the time that we introduced her to my neighbor’s pool. My mom had gently scooped Bonita up in her arms to carry her into the pool. It was cute to watch her paws immediately start paddling as they started descending the pool’s stairs. But as soon as we released her into the water, she’d swim straight back to the stairs and get out – she did that five times until we gave up trying to get her to like the water.

But my dog isn’t the only pooch out there to hate the water. There are actually a fair few pups who would rather stay on dry land. One gentle giant named Sampson didn’t seem too keen on the pool either. The large English Mastiff was not impressed by the water. In the video, the big dog refuses to let go of his owner. He has his arms wrapped firmly around his owner, who is giving him encouraging words about facing his fears and not being too upset or scared of the water.

That is the type of positivity that everyone needs in their life – and Sampson definitely lucked out there. While the large pup might be a little shy now, hopefully, he’ll come around to the whole idea of swimming. Watch the dog’s big foray into the pool in the video below:

What do you think about Sampson’s poolside adventure? Does your dog love the water or are they more like Sampson? Let us know!

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