Family Gets Emotional After Reuniting With Their Dog Who Lived On The Streets For Over 4 Years

I’ve been fortunate enough that I’ve never had a dog go missing. But for the people who do, I can only imagine that there must be a major sense of fear and desperation to locate them, that it’s impossible to even fathom what that must be like.

And if you lose your dog and then can’t find them after a few days or weeks, I can only imagine that it has got to be the most rotten feeling in the world knowing that your precious pet may truly be gone forever.

And that must’ve been the sickening feeling that Chuck’s family lived with for the four and a half years after he went missing from the family home in 2007. Chuck’s family, the Nakkim’s, searched everywhere for him in those initial days and weeks following his escape from their backyard. However, all their searches came up empty, and they had no luck finding him.

And for four years and a half years, Chuck was living like a stray on the streets.

However, one day, Chuck’s luck turned around for the better. He was only a few miles from his home, when a woman, Linda Shelton, was en route to work. She noticed Chuck, emaciated and alone in the streets, so she went over and made friends with him. Allowing himself to be befriended, Chuck let this kind stranger take him with her to her office. And despite the fact that he was grimy, dirty, and smelled bad, she wanted to help.

She checked him over and soon discovered a faded ID tag. The number there led Linda to get in contact with the Nakkim family. As we can imagine, they were not only thrilled to hear that he’d been found but also surprised as well.

During his time on the streets, Chuck had lost 40 pounds. But what he never lost, was his personality – he was still the same lovable dog that he’d always been. And thanks to Linda, he was able to reunite with the family that loved him so much.

The moment they were reunited after four and a half years apart was captured on camera, and it certainly shows the joy and shock of the family seeing their precious dog for the first time in years.

You can watch the moment below:

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