Flight Attendant Makes It Her Mission To Reunite Soldiers With Their Retired Service Dogs

Being a good person can take on many different forms. For one flight attendant, Molli Oliver, being a good person has taken on the context of making it her life mission to reunite dogs with the soldiers who love them.

The California-based flight attendant, who has more than 40 years working in the field, and who is employed by United Airlines, has personally helped many soldiers reunite with the dogs that they served with while on tours of duty. As an NBC Nightly News segment has shed some light on the situation, oftentimes getting these dogs back to the soldiers with whom they served can easily run in the thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, this reality means that many dogs end up getting separated from their soldier handlers and wind up along in military kennels, thousands of miles away.

Because of this, Molli has made it her personal mission to do whatever she can to make this process easier for the soldiers in order for them to be able to fly their canines home.

In reference to her projects, which are often popular on the crowdfunding site, YouCaring, Molli said, “Even if it was just one dog at a time, I was happy to do that.”

She has managed to raise almost $20,000 of her original $5,000 goal in order to be able to give a Labrador retriever a forever home – this dog turned out to be the fifth dog Molli has been able to reunite with its veteran.

She added, “Because I just saw the joy in the dog and the handler being reunited, no matter who was doing that.”

As Molli revealed, her passion for helping dogs comes naturally since she grew up surrounded by dogs on account of her mother raising them.

As Mollie shared with NBC, “My love for animals has been since I was born and raised with them.”

As a result, Molli’s quest, which is near and dear to her heart, grew out of a metal love for animals as well as a sense of patriotism for her country and together the two led to what she’s doing now.

For Molli, her charity project is a “win-win” scenario because it also allows her a chance to give back to the military troops that she admires and respects so much.

“I think that the dogs deserve a nice retirement because they’ve served our country, and they’ve protected my freedom for…65 years, along with everybody else’s,” she mentioned to NBC.

Watch the endearing video below:

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