French Bulldog Gets Sold Out By Her Best Friend For Making A Mess

Abbie the French Bulldog might be creative at heart when she designed her gorgeous toilet paper gown, but that still didn’t mean that what she did was right. Apparently, her handiwork cost her owner quite a bit of toilet paper so it makes sense that the owner was not thrilled about the mess.

In the video taken by Abbie’s owner, the little Frenchie is seen smugly sitting in front of the camera wearing her toilet paper creation as her owner asks “Who did this?” Clearly it was Abbie, however, the stubborn little pooch was not about to break her poker face even though she’d been caught literally wearing the toilet paper she shredded into her own doggie design.

While Abbie might not have been down to talk and admit her wrong doing, that didn’t mean that someone else in the room wasn’t willing to sell out the doggie designer. In fact, Abbie’s “friend” a Bullmastiff dog was more than happy to give her up without hesitation. In fact, as soon as the owner turned to the other dog to ask, she quite literally pointed directly at Abbie! That is some nerve!

And it seemed that after this, Abbie knew the jig was up. She stopped looking so defiantly at the camera, and instead, started looking down at the ground. She was finally admitting that she destroyed the toilet paper. But at least she looked pretty swaddled up in all that finely shredded toilet paper.

Watch the hilarious betrayal in the clip below:

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