French Bulldog Loves To Eat Food With His Two Front Paws

All dogs have their own unique personality quirks. And Bluenjy definitely has something that other dogs don’t have: a human-like way of eating. While the little French bulldog looks completely ordinary at first glance, he’s actually got a trick up his sleeve. His owners, Evan and Sunny Oshan, first noticed something different about the little pup when they brought him home. Bluenjy had been born deaf. Both Evan and Sunny believe that this may have been a contributing factor to why the dog has such a strange way of eating his food. He holds it in his paws like a human would. 

Now 3-years-old, Bluenjy has not changed his way of eating. He continues to hold his food in his paws. And as a result, he’s able to enjoy meals together with his dad right in his lap. Evan and Bluenjy will even dress up together in matching outfits when sharing a meal together. It’s just too cute.

And these two will actually share everything – including pizza. Apparently pizza happens to be Bluenjy’s favorite meal.

But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t also enjoy other things such as popsicles!

But Bluenjy and Evan don’t just eat junk food all the time. 

And the most amazing thing about Bluenjy’s meals with Evan is his ability to master cutlery. 

He’s even a wizard with chopsticks – something that gives even some humans trouble!

Evan himself has stated that Bluenjy’s coordination is pretty impressive since he doesn’t typically spill or drop food – at least not until he has finished eating. 

Evan and Sunny absolutely love their pup and they believe him to be an “inspiration” since Bluenjy “provides happiness to many across the globe who have disabilities and gives them hope.”

It is no wonder that this adorable pooch has his own Instagram which has plenty of videos featuring Bluenjy and Evan bonding together over food. 

What do you think of Bluenjy’s eating abilities? Impressive, right? Let us know!

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