German Shepherd Helps Orphaned Fawns Found On The Side Of The Road

The compassion and empathy of a dog knows no bounds. It comes quite naturally to them as they’re the type of animal who will happily go out of their way to help other animals in need. When Sarge’s owner, Cheryl, brought a little orphaned fawn home, the dog was quick to intervene.

The fawn, Buckwheat, was found by Cheryl on the side of the road. The 9-year-old German Shepherd instantaneously took a shine to the little baby. It wasn’t long before Sarge had assigned himself the role of Buckwheat’s protector and surrogate dad. And this loving canine definitely did an incredible job.

While Buckwheat was growing up, Sarge would constantly follow him around and make sure that he was not in harm’s way. It was evident from his behavior that he cared for the little fawn as though he were his own puppy. 

And Buckwheat was more than happy to have Sarge as his surrogate dad. The little fawn had absolutely no fears of the dog and allowed him to help him learn how to be a deer as best he could. The two spent all their time together as Buckwheat grew and learned from Sarge.

With Sarge’s close guidance the little fawn grew up and was rehabilitated enough to be released back into the wild. By the time that day came, most everyone in the community had already heard about Buckwheat and Sarge and the adorable friendship they had. 

Even though Sarge had to say goodbye to Buckwheat and let him go off and live his life in the woods, that wasn’t the end of his deer-raising days. Cheryl has become somewhat of the community’s go-to person whenever there is an injured or orphaned deer. This has resulted in Sarge getting plenty of other chances to help raise little orphaned fawn who need someone gentle and caring to give them a start in life. Based on Sarge’s Instagram account, there is nothing that makes this dog happier than raising and caring for deer.

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