German Shepherd Makes Sure To Wake Up All The Kids For School Every Morning

Most of us get up in the mornings using our alarm clocks. Or more realistically, we use our phones as our alarm clocks. And no matter how much we might like the tune or the song we select for our morning alarm when it actually goes off at the ungodly hour of our choosing, it is an unpleasant experience. But do you know what makes for a great alarm clock that you can never tire of? Our dogs. 

Dogs make the best alarm clocks because they’re just so cute. Who doesn’t like a warm furry body climbing into your bed in the morning and waking you up with a bunch of wet kisses and an insistence on cuddling? It sure beats a repetitive musical beat any day. 

And parents will often use their pets as a means of incentivizing their children to wake up. That is why Chevy, a German Shepherd, has a very important job in the mornings of waking up his family’s two children in order to get them ready for school. Of course, Chevy is the best girl in the world and she takes her task very seriously. She will often be quite loud and rambunctious when getting up the two little boys for school but it’s part of her job. And when she does succeed in waking them, she’s sure to reward them with plenty of doggie kisses. 

Chevy’s energy is quite infectious in the mornings. It would definitely be better to wake up with help from Chevy than an alarm clock in the mornings. And she’s so cute as she darts from room to room, eager to wake up her two charges. Dogs really are wonderful morning alarms.

Watch her in action below:

Do you often get woken up by your dog instead of an alarm? Let us know!

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