Goat Comforts Dog That Just Lost His Best Buddy

Everyone needs a friend – and dogs make the best friends ever. One dog and baby lamb became inseparable after the little lamb was rescued by the Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary, located in Ontario, Canada.

Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary

The little lamb, who was named Jerry, had a tough start in life. He was born a runt, which subsequently meant that his own mother ended up rejecting him. The farmer didn’t want to have to bottle-raise him, so little Jerry was shipped off to the sanctuary.

While at his new home at Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary, Jerry made the acquaintance of Drake. Drake is a very friendly dog, so Jerry felt quite comfortable and he soon began to cuddle and sleep atop Drake.

Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary

The co-founder of the sanctuary, Megan Mostacci, explained the relationship to The Dodo, saying, “Most lambs sleep on top of their mamas.”

This meant that Jerry must’ve viewed Drake as a surrogate parent. And Drake didn’t seem to mind one bit – in fact, Drake returned the surrogacy love by licking and cleaning Jerry, as well as taking the little lamb under his wing.

Unfortunately, Jerry developed a case of bloat, and the little lamb passed away after his heart gave out while he was being prepped for emergency surgery. The death was devastating to everyone – particularly Drake.

The poor dog was so heartbroken and confused, he was searching everywhere for his friend. That is when Dottie the goat picked up on Drake’s sadness. This sweet goat figured that the depressed Drake could use a friend. So she joined Drake on the sofa and cuddled up to him.

Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary

Dottie’s story at the sanctuary began a few months earlier when she’d been rescued from a hoarding situation. Drake had welcomed her to the sanctuary the same way he had with his beloved Jerry and all the other animals there.

Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary

When Dottie joined the upset Drake for a cuddle, she ended up staying with him all morning. And it was that sort of kindness that is exactly what he needed. While Drake might have lost Jerry, he gained another loyal companion in the form of Dottie. And that makes us incredibly happy for Drake.

To learn more about the great work that the sanctuary does, or to support their rescue walk, visit the Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary website.

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