Grumpy Dog Makes Hilarious Sounds When He’s Woken Up In The Morning

Waking up is always an ordeal – especially when you’re waking up thanks to a morning alarm rather than naturally when your body feels ready. Most of us make our own strange noises first thing in the morning when we get up. For most of us, the few minutes after our alarm goes off is full of yawns and sighs, only to get worse when we get out of bed. At that point, the sighs become groans as we stretch and force ourselves to get ready for another long day.

However, we’re not the only ones to experience the morning blues. Our pets too, often have feelings in the morning. One dog owner captured his adorable Bulldog on video as he was woken up in the morning. The video definitely got a laugh, since it showed a very cranky dog greeting the day. Despite his name being Buddha, this little pooch was anything but zen – he clearly was not a morning person.

But what was most adorable from the video, were the series of low rumbling hums that the pup emitted after waking up. It’s definitely something we can all relate to. The most adorable thing about our pets is that they all have their own individual personalities, and some of those are not morning personalities. That’s probably what makes this funny clip so endearing – even our pets can be cranks as well.

As a dog owner, have you ever had to deal with a grumpy pooch in the morning? Let us know.

Check out Buddha’s video below:

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