Guy Brings Senior Homeless Dog To The Pet Store And Buys Him Everything He Touches

King is a 12-year-old dog who’s had a rough life, having spent the majority of it on the streets.

After King was hit by a car, he had to have one of his front legs amputated. While he was being given the surgery that he needed, the rescue group, Marley’s Mutts, came to the senior dog’s aid in finding him a forever home.

The rescue knew that it wasn’t going to be an easy task. King wasn’t just a senior dog, but he was also a dog missing a leg.

Months went by without anyone willing to take on the senior dog.

However, Rocky Kanaka, the TV host for Dog’s Day Out, heard about King’s story and decided to help out.

Photo: Youtube / Rocky Kanaka

On Rocky’s show, the premise is that shelter dogs are taken out for the day and given loads of attention and gifts. Rocky loves to treat these dogs like the special canines they are, and his show’s fans get inspired by what he does.

The dogs that Rocky features on his shows are exposed to a wide audience, and this often leads to their happy ending of getting adopted.

For King’s big day out, Rocky decided that what he deserved was a monumental shopping spree.

King was getting the royal treatment – basically, anything he touched would be his. Naturally, King had a fantastic time. The first thing he picked out was a giant bag of dog food.

After that, Rocky directed King towards the toy section and things really heated up from there. The senior dog chose himself a Nerf gun, a toy rope, a dinosaur, a rawhide bone, and a giant ball – all while happily wagging his tail. King even picked out a cat tree, and while Rocky was a little confused by his choice, he stayed true to his word.

Photo: Youtube / Rocky Kanaka

And the good news is after the public saw King’s shopping spree, someone contacted the show about adopting King. While he had a difficult life, this turned around for King who was going to be enjoying his golden years surrounded by lots of love.

Photo: Youtube / Rocky Kanaka

In order to celebrate the good news, Rocky treated King to a second shopping spree!

You can watch the video below to see King’s second shopping spree, as well as when he meets his new owner.

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