Heartbroken Dog Doesn’t Understand Why His Family Didn’t Want Him Anymore

One thing that never fails to confuse me are the people who don’t think animals have feelings. Um, hello! Of course, they have feelings! Animals are sentient beings capable of the same emotional reactions as humans. Another thing that upsets me is when people use the “they’re just animals” argument to justify dumping a pet like it’s a stack of old clothes bound for the thrift store. Regardless of pets being animals it still does not take away the fact they deserve to be treated with the same love and respect you’d show a human. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is an animal lover who shares my views, which is why we end up with animal shelters brimming with abandoned pets – all who have a tragic story to tell of how they ended up there. But perhaps one of the most notable of these sad stories was the one of Blue.

Blue was a pit bull who was rejected by his family and dropped off at their local high-kill shelter. The devastated pooch wanted nothing more than to be with his family, but they didn’t want him anymore. They were in the process of moving and only viewed the pup as a burden. 

Blue was gutted after being dumped at the shelter, alone and scared. He cried for his family. Actually cried. Shelter staff noted that the dejected dog had tear streaks in his eyes, and he was whining inconsolably for the family that left him. Despite everyone’s best efforts it was impossible to comfort Blue. 

Nothing seemed to work. They tried talking to Blue. He was given tasty treats. Workers spent extra time with him. But nothing was breaking through. Staff feared that he’d been heartbroken beyond repair. Not knowing what else to do, the shelter staff went online to post about Blue’s sad story on Facebook. They hoped that perhaps if he had a new home with people who cared about him it would bring him out of his depression.

Thankfully Jennifer McKay was online and saw the post. As soon as she saw Blue’s sad face and weeping eyes, she knew she had to adopt him. Her heart was broken for him and she just wanted to make his pain go away. McKay adopted Blue and gave him a second chance.

There were a lot of people who had lots to say about Blue’s story online. Many animal lovers weighed in with their thoughts in the comments section. 

One person wrote, “OMG…this just breaks my heart. His family should be ashamed of themselves. Thank God he has been adopted. Hope they spoil him with hugs and kisses every day.”

Another user posted what we were probably all thinking, “People who discarded a dog with little thought probably shouldn’t have pets! Pets are a commitment for the life of the pet. His tears and crying broke my heart but so happy he has a loving forever home!”

After his adoption, it took some time for Blue to get over the trauma of being abandoned. Over time with a lot of love and care, Blue came to be able to trust again. In the end, it was the power of love that triumphed over the cruelty of desertion.

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