Champion Border Collie Can Perform More Than Over Sixty Tricks

A five-year-old Border Collie named Hero is quite the accomplished pooch. The Collie began his career at just four-months-old when he took the title as the world’s youngest champion trick dog who was known to perform more than 60 tricks! within his repertoire there were the usual shake hands, figure 8s, but also more complex ones.

But he didn’t stop there, continuing his streak of winning awards and titles. Needless to say, his owner Sara is very proud of her dog. The two are best friends, and they even dance together, although, Hero does tend to step on her toes sometimes – but that’s got to be much less painful than a human dance partner stepping on her toes. The two of them live a life on the road, frequently traveling all around the US and Canada doing tricks. OF course, this busy champion does enjoy his downtime, and he has fun hobbies such as swimming, disc, hiking, and dock diving.

Sara is originally from Ontario, Canada, where she ran a successful dog training facility for more than five years. She taught dog trick, obedience, puppy foundation, and agility classes, and as a result, she actually earned respect as a well-regarded international trick dog trainer and has received awards for her efforts over the years. He dogs have been awarded plenty of awards in agility, dock diving, frisbee, and canine freestyle. But perhaps her Super Collies are the most well-known of her accomplishments since they’ve made TV appearances on such shows such as The Late Show with David Letterman.

Sara eventually relocated to Los Angeles, California where she often conducts performance shows with her dogs around the world. Sara knew even as a young teenager that she wanted to work with dogs. And by far, Hero has perhaps been her favorite. Even as a puppy, the two formed such a strong bond and it was clear that he was going to be a famous dog. And he has, he’s made it onto various big-name TV shows, including Letterman.

It’s amazing how one dog can change your life. Hero was that dog for Sara – he ended up creating something large for her career. And it’s no wonder that the two of them have such a strong bond given all that they’ve experienced together. Their hard work definitely paid off.

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