Hospital Worker Sings ‘Lean On Me’ And His Adorable Husky Joins In Howling

The current global pandemic has definitely thrust us into a weird spot. Life is not how it once used to be, and as things slowly continue to progress out of a lockdown state, we know that things will never go back to being the same. We are facing a new normal.

However, what we have started to learn from this pandemic is that when the chips are low, it’s always good to have someone in your corner, supporting you. During this pandemic, that can be the family you’re quarantined with, a close friend with whom you are in constant virtual communication, or a pet. And amongst our pets, there is no one more loyal than a dog.

Dogs are great at making you feel special and like there is nothing else in the world remotely worth worrying about. And because of this, the pandemic is making a lot of people spend more time with their pets – something that is a good thing, for both the people and their pets.

However, this pandemic has proved to be particularly taxing on the health care workers and first responders who are on the frontlines of this whole thing. And one man, a hospital worker from Denver, showed just how important it is to have a friend in a time of crisis.

The resulting video was so heartwarming to watch. Tate Hegstrom, accompanied by his husky, Kovu, shared a duet together, to the very appropriate, “Lean on Me.” The hospital worker strummed on his guitar and sang, while his faithful pooch howled along in accompaniment.

Needless to say, soon after, the video went viral. And we can see why. In the video, Hegstrom plays his guitar while Kovu sits on the bed behind him, howling along. The most touching part of the whole video is when Hegstrom glances back at Kovu, singing, “Till I’m gonna need somebody to lean on.”

Good Morning America uploaded the video to YouTube for others to watch. As anyone can imagine, the reactions were plentiful.

One person wrote, “It’s like the Husky is trying to harmonize. So adorable though.”

“That dog singing from his heart😭😭😭😭 that just made my day,” commented another person.

Loads of other comments were about how wonderful the pair sounded together, as well as how the two should definitely film more duets together.

Watch the adorable video below:

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