How To Track Your Pup With Dog GPS And Dog Apps

Technology today is better than ever. But the advancements in technology aren’t limited to humans. Technology is also helping protect our pooches from becoming stray dogs, as well as offering a number of other dog monitoring services.

With the help of GPS and a smartphone app, you could be well on your way to tracking your dog’s every move whenever you want. So let’s look at the most functional and helpful dog GPS and dog apps available, in alphabetical order.

Instead of an attachable GPS device, DogTelligent is a wearable, connected collar. DogTelligent can track your dog’s location, create a virtual fence, and monitor your dog’s activity level, but this technology also has a few other features.

The collar has built-in ultrasound and vibrations to help train your dog with simple, everyday commands or even stop excessive barking in a safe and humane manner. But the coolest feature just might be the integrated micro-speakers and microphone. These speakers allow you to talk to your dog from anywhere!

(Currently on pre-order, collar only, from US$120.00 plus monthly service from US$4.95. Shipping late summer 2016.)

While most of the apps focus on location first, PetPace’s main function is as a canine health tracker. The PetPace collar can monitor your dog’s vital signs and other physical and behavioral parameters such as temperature, pulse, respiration, calorie use, activity levels, body posture, and more. You can constantly be aware of your dog’s health, and even keep track of any early signs of disease. Not only can you track all of this helpful information, the device allows you to share it with your vet to make sure your pup is always receiving the best care.

(Also available for cats; $149.95 plus $14.95 monthly service.)

Tractive GPS
Tractive GPS can live-track your dog so you can see where your pup is at any given moment. You also have the ability to define a safe zone for your dog, and if your dog moves out of her specified zone, you will be alerted immediately. If you’re big on travel, Tractive can help locate your dog in over 80 countries.

Tractive also provides a 24-hour history for your dog’s whereabouts, so you can track her movements whenever you’re not around. In addition to being waterproof, Tractive has a useful integrated light so you can see and find your pup in the dark.

(GPS attachment and base unit/charger only, collar not included, US$129.99 plus monthly service from US$4.13)

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker
Whistle is similar to Tractive GPS — an on-collar, waterproof GPS tracking device that works with a mobile app. With Whistle’s nationwide GPS tracking, you can pull up your pup’s location on-demand if he ever gets loose — anywhere in the United States! You can also set a custom Whistle zone, and if your dog leaves his designated safe zone, you will receive instant app or text notifications.

In addition to monitoring your dog’s location, Whistle also monitors your dog’s activity level and helps you make sure your pup is in great overall health. You can have the app notify you if there are changes to your dog’s sleep or activity patterns, and you can also connect everyone in your dog’s life on the app, so they can stay up-to-date, too!

(GPS attachment and base unit/charger only, collar not included, US$79.95 plus monthly service from US$6.95.)

As you can see, if you’re looking for a solution to better track your dog’s whereabouts or activity level, options abound. And with technology continuing to advance, who knows what we’ll see next!

Do you use a dog location or fitness tracker? How has it helped you? Tell us in the comments!


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