Husky Puppy Gets Mad And ‘Yells’ At Mom For Not Being Able To Eat Other Dog’s Food

Huskies are very unique dogs, and their breed is quite well-known for being pretty vocal. If you were to go online, you’d be able to look through tons of videos that show off this breed’s unique penchant for talking.

However, the one husky that perhaps makes the weirdest noises captured on camera, was little Ramsey.

Ramsey followed in his breed’s ability to show off a wide vocal range. However, his vocal skills left a little to be desired in terms of a howl. As seen in the video, it just was not working.

Photo: Youtube

At the time, Ramsey was only eight weeks old, so it was understandable that he would need some time to grow into his howling power. Still, it was quite adorable to behold.

His owner, Kayla Cagnola, explained, “When we told him to stop eating it, that’s when he started ‘talking.’ I guess he was trying to tell us that he was mad at us for not letting him eat the other dog’s food!”

And watching him talk wasn’t the half of it. What upped the “cute factor” for this video was the fact that Ramsey was also in the middle of throwing a little doggie temper tantrum – another thing that most huskies are known for.

There were many reactions to the funny post, with people offering up all kinds of comments:

One person commented, “To restart dog, press the green button and hold for 3 seconds.”

While another said, “This dog has stuff that needs to be said.”

Kayla captured the video when Ramsey was only two-months-old. However, she did do an update video two years later. As the video quickly revealed, the adult Ramsey was clearly still looking for that perfect note – his howls had not improved much in two years at all.

Perhaps things will be better in 10 years?

Watch the video below:

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