‘Leader Of The Pack’ Episode 9: Dora’s Dilemma

This is the story of a cute little puppy with a bad attitude. Dora is an adorable Yorkshire mix puppy that doesn’t have a family. There’s one big problem: she’s a little brat. Dora is dog aggressive, has no manners; and even though she’s small, she can be very pushy. Dora needs a leader who can give her rules, boundaries and limitations. Cesar Millan comes to the rescue!

When Dora arrived at Birmingham Dog Home, everybody fell in love with her right away. How could they not? She’s a small, cute Yorkshire mix puppy with no family. However, no one will adopt her because she’s a brat with no manners. Despite her small size, she can be very pushy — and very dog aggressive.

Dora will attack any dog no matter its size, which could lead to her being seriously injured, so Gemma from the shelter brings Dora to Cesar in Spain, while he’s doing agility work with large pit bull Junior and tiny Chihuahua Coco.

Cesar can see immediately that Dora is a high energy dog with no sense of where to direct that energy, and she’s all over the place as soon as she’s let loose. Cesar decides to put Dora in with the rest of the little dogs in his pack to see how serious her issues are. Immediately, she’s overwhelmed and surrenders to the calm energy of the other dogs — the power of the pack in action.

However, Dora still has dominance issues, and when Cesar tries to let her play with a little female named Zoe and other small dogs, Dora becomes aggressive again and tries to bite when Zoe ignores her in favor of another dog. Cesar sees that Dora is too young to be so dominant, and she is going to need a strong, experienced pack leader who can put her under control. It’s time to find her a home.

The first candidates are a family; Charlie, a zoologist and animal lover, and her parents, Peter and Caryn, who want to support her by adopting a rescue. Although Caryn is knowledgeable about animals, she lacks hands-on experience. When her insecurity shows, the pack easily takes over and their energy gets out of control until Cesar shows her how to more assertive.

The second candidates, Sue and Frasier, are a young middle-aged couple who have a terrier, also named Charlie, that they rescued a year ago. They also have four cats and were mostly cat people until Charlie came along and changed their lives. Dora seems happy to meet Charlie, who quickly proceeds to mount her — but Cesar explains that this is not necessarily an attempt at mating, but can be a show of dominance, something Dora needs to be shown.

The third candidates are ex-vet Malcolm, his wife Maxeen and their thirteen year-old mixed-breed terrier Arthur-Rex, who is quite a character. Malcolm and Maxeen have tried to bring other dogs into their home since their former dog died, but Arthur-Rex won’t allow it. The couple falls in love with Dora when she surrenders to Arthur-Rex immediately and he seems to have accepted her — but will human error get in the way of the dogs connecting?

Which of the candidates will be able to provide the rules, boundaries, and limitations that Dora needs and become her new Leaders of the Pack?

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