Loyal Dog Guarded Her Trapped Friend For A Week Until Help Arrived

A dog’s loyalty knows no bounds as Vashon Island Pet Protectors (VIPP) found out a few years back when they were on the case of two missing dogs named Tillie and Phoebe. The pair had been missing a week when the organization received a tip from a person who informed them that “for the past few days a ‘reddish’ dog had been coming up to them when they were out on their property and then promptly heading back into a ravine.”

Photo credit: Facebook / Vashon Island Pet Protectors

Located in Vashon, Washington, VIPP shared the incredible rescue to their Facebook, saying, “So with a needle in the haystack hope we made our way into the ravine and after a bit of searching, finally heard that sweet sound we have been waiting for all week. A small one-woof response when we called out ‘Tillie.’ A few minutes later we found her laying beside an old cistern with her head resting on the concrete wall.”

Photo credit: Facebook / Vashon Island Pet Protectors

They added, “Heart sinking…we knew that meant Phoebe was inside the cistern and every breath was held and every doggie prayer offered that the peek over the rim would somehow find her safe. And gratefully… this time we have a happy ending with dear Phoebe found perched on some concrete rubble that held her out of the water. For nearly a week Tillie stayed by her side with the exception of the few minutes of each day when she went for help. A huge thanks to Joe Curiel for realizing something was up and a round of applause to the awesome and amazing Miss Tillie. A true friend and a humbling example of the power of love.”

Photo credit: Facebook / Vashon Island Pet Protectors

Incredibly, both dogs survived their ordeal outside despite the cold and no doubt hunger that they experienced. After their rescue, both dogs were deemed to be doing well and we reunited with their owners. The crucial part that makes this story of loyalty so great, is that when the dogs went missing, they were last seen miles from where they were actually found. Had Tillie not stayed by Phoebe’s side, she never would’ve been found and the rescue story would have had a completely different ending. Thank goodness for good friends – you can always count on one in a dog.

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