Magnus The Therapy Dog Helps His Owner Workout

Since we’re in the throes of a global pandemic, many of us have had to trade the gym for a home workout. Of course, trying to workout at home with a dog around can be a little more tedious than one might think. There are many videos circulating the internet at this time that feature the most adorable pups interrupting their humans’ workout routines. However, there is the case of Magnus the Therapy Dog, who is not being a workout hindrance, but instead a workout buddy.

The adorable Magnus can be seen in the video not just holding his owner’s knees during sit-ups, but also encourages his owner with high-fives in between pushups. He even does his own workouts as well. Brian Benson, Magnus’s owner, actually does this workout routine seven days a week with his certified therapy dog faithfully by his side – no wonder he’s such a natural personal trainer!

As Benson shared with POPSUGAR, “Since I bring him to work with me, we are together almost every hour of every day and [are] virtually inseparable.”

Benson and Magnus have been a team for several years, ever since Magnus was just a year-and-a-half. Now, he’s nearly four!

Talking about the best advantages of having Magnus as a workout buddy, Benson said, “When I lay on the floor to do abs, he will walk or crawl over to me and lie tight by my side.”

Even still, Benson admitted that occasionally, Magnus will place either his face or entire body on top of Benson, “which makes it hard to do abs!”

And there isn’t just one video, apparently, Magnus is on social media, meaning that his workout videos are all over Facebook and TikTok.

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