Mail Carrier Greets Dog In Sweet Security Footage

Everyone loves dogs. It’s impossible not to like dogs. And if you have a dog, you’ve probably seen this firsthand every time you go out in public with your pooch – people always want to pet your dog or say hi. 

And our dogs just lap up the attention that they get. It’s not unusual for our pets to become friends with those the people that they regularly come in contact with. My dog had a favorite cashier at the pet store that she always had to say hi to every time we took her to get a new toy. Many of our dogs will become friendly with our neighbors. They’ll even make friends with mailmen or other delivery providers that frequent our homes. 

While the stereotype is that dogs and mailmen don’t get along, the reality is actually quite different. Often times some of the most heartwarming stories of dogs befriending people outside their families are the stories of dogs and mailmen. It makes sense, they come to our homes every day it would only be natural that our dogs bond with them. 

In one precious video, one mailwoman is seen interacting with the family pooch on her route. The camera in front of the house captures their adorable friendship as the woman walks up carrying a package. As soon as she drops it on the porch and scans it, she immediately turns her attention to the pup beside the porch. She’s got doggie treats all ready to go on her pocket and wastes no time in giving them to the canine. She can be heard saying, “I haven’t seen you all week,” in-between head scratches and treats. It’s one of the loveliest displays between a mailwoman and a dog. We definitely smiled at this video.

Watch it below:

Does your dog get along with your mail carrier? Do they have a friendship like this? Let us know!

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