Mama Dog Lays Down The Law When Her Puppies Get Into A Fight

Motherhood is the same across the board whether you’re a human, a monkey, a cat, or a dog – when your kids misbehave, mama has to step in. And to be honest, moms disciplining their unruly children is definitely so much cuter to watch in the animal kingdom.

And one Labrador mom was caught on camera putting her two pups in their place after the two tykes kept on fighting.

Puppies are by nature, very playful little balls of fluff. And since they’re usually born in litters, they have plenty of siblings that double as playmates. But sometimes, like with all kids, there are times when the play can get a little too carried away and turn rough – and those little puppy teeth can be sharp!

In the video, the two adorable Labrador pups are seen playing on top of a blanket. It quickly started getting rough. One pup even was shoved off the edge of the blanket!

That shove didn’t stop anything, as the puppies continued at it. Noticing that her babies were getting a little rambunctious, mama decided to step in.

Screen Shot: YouTube/LUCY & MILO

At first, she was gentle and just used her nose to nudge the puppies, hoping they’d get the message to separate. When that didn’t work, she had to get a little sterner in her discipline. She started nipping at one of them to try and end the rough-housing session.

Getting fed up with her children acting like brats, the mama then barks at them to stop, however, one of them actually barks back at her. Clearly, the mama dog isn’t about to deal with that kind of sass.

She lays down the law by loudly barking at them. That is when the pups know that it’s over, and they’re no longer going to get away with acting up. In fact, they kind of just sit there on the blanket looking ashamed.

Since the whole thing was filmed on camera, the end is quite hilarious since after giving her kids what appears to be a lecture, the mama dog then turns and looks at the camera. It’s almost as though she’s trying to convey her frustrations with the viewers. Needless to say, this video was quite a hit with viewers, many of whom dropped comments.

One person wrote, “1:10 ‘You see human, this is how I handle MY children.’”

While another person said, “The momma dog looked at the camera like I’m sorry this is so embarrassing.”

The clip earned itself more than 10 million views, as well as more than 242,000 likes.

Someone commented, “Just like any other mother doesn’t care who did it, everyone’s getting scolded.😂”

And another person even put dialogue to the scene writing the following, “Mother: “You two, stop it, NOW!! I had it with you two fighting! You stop it now or severe punishment will be dealt!!! Are we clear?!?! Pups: “Yes, Momma, We’re sorry.”

You can watch the whole entire video below:

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