Man Gives Animal Shelter 10 Minutes To Spend $10,000 At The Pet Store

We should always try to be charitable whenever we can. But there are a lot of different charities that need assistance. I’m always particularly inclined to give to animal charities because it just breaks my heart to think of all the dogs in need of homes and help. I’ve already decided that should I ever win the lotto or become a best-selling author, that one of my first big splurges will be to give a huge chunk of cash to animal charities. 

Marley’s Mutts is a dog rescue that does tremendously great work. They take in all the dogs that would otherwise be completely overlooked – those would be the broken, forgotten or neglected dogs that nobody wants. This is definitely one of those organizations that deserves all the help they can get. And that is exactly what they were about to receive when Rocky Kanaka arrived at their rescue one day, fully prepared to give them a big surprise. 

When Rocky showed up, the people at Marley’s Mutts had no idea what was going on. He wanted them to come with them, so the staff decided to hope into the car with him and went off on a mystery adventure. The car then pulled into Tractor Supply, where Rocky asked them once more what they thought was going on. Obviously they still didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. So Rocky informed them that he was gifting them $10,000 in cash so that they could go on a spending spree for their charity! As amazing as this gift was, there still was a catch. Rocky told the three workers that he selected, that they only had 10 minutes to spend all $10,000. 

While most rescues, including Marley’s Mutts, usually get a lot of their items donated – such as toys, food, treats, etc. – this shopping spree provided Marley’s Mutts to pick up some of the items that they needed that might not have been received in donations. And the best part was they could totally have fun doing it. 

Watch them below:

What do you think of Rocky Kanaka’s gift? What would you do for an animal charity if you had the means? Let us know!

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