Meet Milkshake: A Rare Pink Pug That Is One Of Less Than 100 In The World

Pugs are cute. We usually know them to be the classic tan and black dogs that waddle when they walk and are just irresistible. But occasionally, they’re also all black as well. However, there is one pug named Milkshake, who’s become a sensational hit on social media because of his unique coloring.

This pug is actually one of less than 100 pink pugs around the globe! Yes, he’s a total rarity, but we love his pinkish hue.

Milkshake is only 17-months-old, but he’s taking the internet by storm. And based off his baby blue eyes that are offset by the soft pink fur, we can definitely see why.

Milkshake’s unique coat color and eyes are a result of a lack of pigmentation, most likely inherited from an albino pug somewhere in his family’s ancestry. When his owner, 33-yer-old Maria, first saw him hanging out amongst his siblings, she knew she had to take him.

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Mesmerised by the walk by booty 😳🍑 . Handmade leather harness @swaggywouaf . Milkshake hates it when I have to put on his harness. I get his lead, he runs to the door ready for walkies, and as soon as the harness comes towards him the game begins. I chase him all over the house until he gives up. He sits, looks up at me and slowly lifts his paw in surrender. We play this game three times a day. With this harness, he didn't mind it. I think because the part that slips over the head is wider so he doesn't feel restricted. No games needed, on and out. Doesn't he look elegant! . #Milkshakethepug 🐖🍼 if you don't wanna miss a pink 💕 puggin' thing . . . . . #springvibes #fashioninspo #red #weeklyfluff #happytot #tot

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London-based Maria brought Milkshake home with her when he was only 10-weeks-old. He was set up with his own Instagram account and soon became a social media pet influencer, amassing more than 60,000 followers!

Maria revealed in a comment, “I had never even heard of pink pugs before, but when I went to the breeder and spotted Milkshake I thought he was adorable, and knew I had to have him. They’re very rare. At the time, I think Milkshake was one of 30 in the world but there have been a few litters. There’s no more than 100 worldwide. He’s not actually albino – he just has the coloring so he doesn’t suffer from any sight loss or hearing loss. He’s a happy healthy boy.”

Maria has described her pup as being quirky, happy, and engaging, as well as “very spoiled.” Milkshake goes everywhere with Maria, including meetings for work. He also gets to go weekly to the doggie spa for pampering and pedicures, as well as being dressed up in adorable outfits for photoshoots. Once his busy day is done, he gets treated with some chicken.

In addition to his online fame, Milkshake is a participant in dog shows and has his own trainer who is getting him in shape to be able to work in the entertainment industry in the future with adverts and films.

Maria added, “Milkshake is the most famous pink pug on social media. His Instagram started just as a bit fun but straight away he got such a positive response. A lot of people messaged me saying they’d had a bad day and seeing Milkshake really cheered them up which encouraged me to post more. His following just kept getting bigger and bigger.”

Maria has even said that some of Milkshake’s Instagram followers that they’ve met in person have been “star-struck” by meeting him. And it is totally understandable, I mean, just look at him! How could that cute face not get you star-struck?

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