In all honesty, the best part of social media is the plethora of “pet-fluencers” that are out there. Each different pet-flencer has a different style. There are those fashion-forward pets who are clad in the latest fashions as they take the world by storm. There are the adventurers who are never seen anywhere else but a spectacular natural view as their backdrop. And then there are the quirky pet-fluencers who just like to have fun. 

On Instagram, one of the most adorable couples was the pair of Neapolitan Mastiffs called Madeline and Barnabas. The hilarious duo won over many fans thanks to their quirky signage and cheesy pictures. It was just what we needed to see. Madeline and Barnabas were never pictured without the other, and they became quite popular. The subjects of their photos varied greatly. However, one of the reoccurring themes of their pictures was food. And as Alayna, their owner, pointed out, the foody Instagram pictures were heavily influenced by the dogs’ great love of treats.

Unfortunately, these two precious pups are no longer with us. But their Instagram legacy lives on. Check out some of their best pictures below:

1 Dem Buns

These dogs don’t want none unless you got buns, hun!

Madeline and Barnabas

2 Corny Love

Everyone loves a corny pick up line, right? Even if it’s just ironically or is that just me?

Madeline and Barnabas

3 Always in my Mind

Quite the impressive shot to accompany such a fun pun.

Madeline and Barnabas

4 Muffin Compares to this Pun

This is quite the dad-approved pun. Plus it’s quite true, few things can compare to muffins – except maybe true love.

Madeline and Barnabas

5 Stop Counting Calories

These two knew the right way to live. Just say yes to food.

Madeline and Barnabas

6 Extra Fries

You got to hate those mix ups. We also hate when someone says exercise rather than extra fries. It’s the worst.

Madeline and Barnabas

7 All’s Fair in Love and War

What’s a relationship if you don’t blame each other for the other’s mistake at least once, right?

Madeline and Barnabas

8 Heart Beets

Is this pun super cheesy? Yes. Did these pups care? No.

Madeline and Barnabas

9 Imagine Me and You

Aww, everyone needs to find someone who will be this romantic. Madeline and Barnabas got it right.

Madeline and Barnabas

10 Pickup Lines 101

Next time you’re at a bar maybe try this one. It seemed to have worked for these two pooches.

Madeline and Barnabas

Rest in peace, Madeline and Barnabas. Thank you for all the silly and cheesy puns that provided us with loads of entertainment. You were the wholesome content that Instagram needed.

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