Military Family Has Touching Reunion With Dog They Were Told Died Two Years Ago

Back in 2012, Ben Harworth and his family had to move from Georgia to South Korea. Ben was in the military and had been given a new assignment. Unfortunately, they were unable to take their dog, Zeus, with them. Ben made arrangements for a friend to take care of Zeus. Sadly, a few months after they had moved, the family received news that Zeus had passed away. They were devastated to hear that.

After a few years abroad, Ben and his family found themselves back in the US, where they then moved and settled down in the state of Washington. However, not long after, the got a phone call from a woman named Laura. The news she shared with them was truly shocking. Laura had been living in a North Carolina neighborhood when she found a lost dog. He was a Rottweiler/German Shepherd/Chow mix.

The poor dog was ill and clearly exhausted, so, feeling bad for him, Laura got him into her car and took him to the vet. While at the vet, he was scanned for a microchip and something came back: it was Zeus!

Given his discovered identity, Laura used the information on his chip to get in contact with Ben. At first, Ben didn’t believe Laura and informed her that Zeus had died. However, the more the two communicated and Laura described Zeus to him, the more that Ben was convinced it really was his dog. They made arrangements for Zeus to fly out from North Carolina to Washington, however, those plans had a wrench thrown into them. After the call, Zeus was diagnosed with heartworms, so it was deemed unsafe for him to make the journey by plane.

But there was a staff member at the Banfield Hospital who stepped up and offered to drive Zeus the 3,000 miles back to his family. What a wonderfully kind person.

It was never made clear why Zeus was claimed as dead to the family, or where he had been for the three years that he was missing. However, the reunion between Zeus and his family was nothing short of special.

You can watch the video below:

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