Miniature Horse And His Goose Buddy Are Looking For A Forever Home

In this world there is nothing induces quite a response of cuteness quite like unlikely animal friendships. And the latest one to give social media that cuteness overload, was a mini-horse and a domestic goose.

The Bucks County Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Pennsylvania rescued Waffles the mini-horse and Hemingway the goose from a farm that had poor living conditions. Six-and-a-half-year Waffles old and Hemingway, who’s age is unknown, made quite the adorable little pairing.

And this unlikely twosome were put up for adoption together – since the shelter didn’t want to break up these BFFs.

As the shelter’s Facebook announcement revealed, their adoption fee is $300.

The Bucks County SPCA is currently accepting applications for our new celebrities: Waffles and Hemingway! Many of you…

Posted by Bucks County SPCA on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The post noted that anyone interested in adopting the pair could apply here. Chosen applicants will be given a meet-and-greet at the shelter’s Quaktertown location.

“If you want to adopt Waffles, you have adopt Hemingway,” Linda Reider of the Bucks County SPCA said to WFMZ. “And if you want to adopt Hemingway, you have to adopt Waffles. These animals were removed under a warrant from a farm. The conditions were not good.”

There was also some justice served, as their animals’ previous owners of were charged with neglect and made a court appearance on Sept. 9. Besides the animal pairing, 2 peacocks and 12 ducks were also rescued from the property.

It’s quite possible that the mini-horse and goose bonded from the trauma of living in their squalid conditions prior to being rescued.

“It’s very evident when you’re in the stall with them that you don’t get in between them,” SPCA spokesperson Cindy Kelly told The Philadelphia Inquirer. “Hemingway can make kind of a fuss — slap his wings, honk at you — if he feels you’re going for Waffles. It makes it kind of challenging for the medical team.”

Kelly told the newspaper that the SPCA received a lot of interest from potential adopters.

If you’re interested in adopting other farm animals from the Bucks County SPCA, such as more traditional pets like cats, dogs, or guinea pigs, check out the available animals on their website.

As noted on their Facebook page, in August, they adopted out 271 animals!

August has been an outstanding month for adoptions! So far, we have found forever homes for: 43 cats, 101 kittens, 27…

Posted by Bucks County SPCA on Friday, August 30, 2019


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