Missing Dog Walks Fifty Miles Back To Her Old Home

Our home is a safe space. It is the one consistent point in the entire universe where we can feel completely safe, secure, and at peace. The same is true for our pets. That is why moving homes can be a bit of a traumatic jump for our pets as they’ve got a special bond with the house that they’re used to. 

In Kansas, a four-year-old Golden Labrador named Cleo proved that there is no place like home. The pup went missing from the town of Olathe around the 12th of July, and her owner, Drew was worried. But then a few days later, Cleo resurfaced nearly 60 miles away at her previous house in Lawson, Missouri. 

The new owners, Colton Michael and his wife Britney, were surprised when they came home to see Cleo sitting on their porch as though she’d lived there all along. They tried to check her for a collar, but Cleo was initially skittish of the couple and wouldn’t let them get close to her. But she continued to hang around the house.

Eventually, she did allow them to get close to her. And that is when they were able to get her checked for a microchip. The couple was surprised to learn that she was actually the dog of the previous occupant, who was now living an incredible 57 miles away! The couple immediately got in touch with Drew, who was dumbfounded.

“She finds her way home, and there’s some strangers living in it. That would be scary for anybody,” Colton commented to news station KMBCabout Cleo’s journey.

Regarding how she managed to get back to the old house, Drew is still mystified. He has said that it would be a rough enough journey for any human, let alone a dog. She would’ve had to cross highways and even a river in order to make it back. But while her adventure is a journey that only Cleo will ever know the inner workings of, Drew was just happy to have her home. He said, “It just feels really good to be reunited with her.”

It’s incredible how there is no place like home – even for our pets. 

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