Mom Set Up A Hidden Camera To See What Her Dogs Do While She’s Away

We all have to leave our dogs alone at the house for some amount of time. As much as we would love to just spend all our time at home with them, that’s not feasible. While we’re currently facing a global pandemic, many of us have spent more time at home with our dogs seeing as many of us are now working from home. However, that still doesn’t mean we don’t have to leave our dogs at home when we go run errands at the store and stuff. But while many of us enjoy the work from home life with our pups, many of us did at one point have to leave our dogs at home while we reported to an office for work. During those days, it wasn’t uncommon for some pet parents to install cameras around the home in order to keep an eye on their beloved pooches while they were at work.

And there were two bulldogs, Elvis and Khaleesi, who had absolutely no idea that their owner had done just that. The dedicated dog mom wanted to keep an eye on her pups while she was away at work, so she set up a hidden camera in the living room in order to see what her pooches got up to during the day. Before leaving for work, Mom left the TV on for them as entertainment.

But after reviewing the footage from her hidden camera, the dog owner quickly realized that perhaps that wasn’t the best of ideas seeing as the two bulldogs got VERY into the TV. Describing the video footage, the woman said, “As usual I left the TV turned on for them. Big mistake…”

And indeed, it ended up creating quite the scene in the living room. The two dogs were watching the TV when a cat appears on the screen. At first, the two pups look intrigued. Their attention is greatly drawn into the TV screen. One of the dogs even inches their way closer to the screen. But then, all of a sudden, all hell breaks loose when the two dogs begin to back at the cat. And it doesn’t seem to stop. They carry on barking, something that we can only imagine must’ve driven any neighbors crazy. Hopefully, they didn’t bark for too long!

Watch them below:


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