New Jersey Dog Is Seeking A Family After Her Owners Died Of Coronavirus

The Monmouth County SPCA posted a special appeal for a precious little dog, Che-Che, who has been left without a home following the death of both her owners in the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, the little New Jersey-based dog arrived earlier this month to the shelter, “scared and shaking.”

The SPCA post her tragic story, writing alongside a picture of Che-Che, “We can’t imagine what it’s like for a dog like her to suddenly lose everything she’s ever known and then end up in an unfamiliar place.”

The shelter also shared that when she first showed up, she needed a little bit of TLC, but “we could tell a loving touch was all it took to help her feel safe.”

Additionally, the SPCA said that Che-Che is expected to “receive some veterinary care, including dental, spay and vaccines plus a warm bubbly bath so that rubbery gloves and crinkly gowns are no longer needed to give her some affection!”

Once all this is taken care of, Che-Che will be ready to seek her new forever family.

<3 Thank you for all of your inquiries about Che-Che! We can only consider those applicants without children or other…

Posted by Monmouth County SPCA on Monday, April 13, 2020

The SPCA said, “We plan to honor the family and those they lost by finding this sweet little girl the perfect home.”

Unfortunately, Che-Che’s isn’t a stand-alone story. In fact, there are many other animals who will be facing the same dilemma in the coming weeks and months, and the SPCA is bracing themselves for it.

The SPCA said, “Unfortunately, Che-Che is the first of many animals that we anticipate needed a safe haven in these uncertain times. We’re asking for your support NOW so we can ensure every animal has a loving place to call home while they’re temporarily without one.”

In anticipation, the SPCA announced their “Compassion Counts” Matching Gift Campaign – where all donations made are put towards medical attention for rescued and abandoned animals so they have a chance at being adopted.

“Thanks to a generous and anonymous donor, your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $200,000,” the SPCA said.

So far, the campaign was over $56,000.

Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control, as well as the World Health Organization and the American Veterinary Medical Association, have all released the important statement that pets pose no risk of spreading COVID-19. There is no need to abandon your pets over misinformation. Plus, there is plenty of scientific evidence to suggest having a pet actually improves your quality of life.

While it is understood that adoption might not be feasible for everyone right now, there is another wonderful option: fostering. It is a great way to help shelters by easing off some of their pressure caring for pets. Of course, this is a lot of pressure across all the shelters in the country.

As Julie Castle, CEO of Best Friends Animal Society, shared with PEOPLE, “If you don’t have a pet and are thinking about getting one, now is the perfect time to ‘try it on’ by fostering from your local shelter. Shelters and pet adoption facilities nationwide need people to foster pets on a temporary basis.”


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