Wet retriever running along shore with a stick

The best way to work with Mother Nature is to follow the 5 Natural Dog Laws. These are the blueprint for how dogs behave in the wild, and how we have to...

Close up of a dogs nose

You probably know that a dog’s nose is its most important sense organ — but do you know why they’re always so wet, or what it means when they’re dry?

S Curtis/Shutterstock.com

Time for a picnic or just something to cool you down in hot weather? Here are half a dozen recipes that you and your dog can enjoy together.

Two dogs laying together

Adding a new dog to your existing pack? Here’s how to not make the most common and disastrous mistake with the introductions.

Dog biting a coat of a kid in the show

With half of the dog bites requiring medical attention happening to children, it’s especially important to teach kids how to behave around dogs, especially...


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