Dog being examined by a vet
Khakimullin Aleksandr/

The decision to put down a beloved family pet is never easy but is probably inevitable. Here’s how to deal with the process before, during, and after.

Two dogs playing

An excited dog is not a happy dog. If you've got a barking bouncer running around the house, here are six steps to restoring calm and quiet.

Dog looking at dog treats

Using dog treat as reward? The wrong kind can be bad for your pet's health. Here’s what to look for in order to find healthy treats.

Martin Valigursky/

Dogs follow balanced energy because it's what their instincts tell them to do. It's up to us to provide that calm, assertive balance

Dog licking woman's face

Cesar Millan's advice to help stop dog obsessive licking and other dog problems such as dog anxiety and fear.


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