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Puppies are cute, cuddly, energetic... and weird. Here are some of the strange things puppies do on their journey to becoming dogs.

Golden Retriever sitting in a kitchen
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What’s good for us isn’t necessarily good for our dogs. Here are eight common fruits and vegetables we should never feed to our pups.

Couple showing inappropriate energy with their dog

It's essential t to be aware of and manage your energy when with your dog. Until you can manage your own energy, you cannot manage your dog's.

Dog digging a hole in bushes

Dogs burying bones is one of the clichés most associated with the species — but do you know why they do it? Find out here!

Dog chasing after a ball with a woman in the background

Cesar says fostering is a wonderful way to prepare a dog for his forever home. The dog gains lots of one-on-one time with humans, and experiences more of...

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