Dog running in the ocean

By living in the moment, you can understand more about how your dog experiences the world and thus deepen your relationship with him. You will also become...

Happy couple sitting on a couch with their dog

For couples who would like to hear the pitter-patter of tiny paws around their place, here’s how to make the process much more likely to succeed.

Dog laying in a bed with it's head bandaged

When dogs are in pain they can’t tell us and they will often try to hide it. Here are the tell-tale signs to look for to find out whether your dog is in...

Dog laying on floor in front of christmas tree
Africa Studio/

Check out what's on Cesar's checklist for a safe and happy holiday season....

Terrier tearing out the stuffing from a pillow

Cesar.How can I stop my dogs from chewing whatever bedding we put in their crate?


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