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Dogs running in a pack on snow

By bringing dogs into our lives, we make the promise to fulfill their needs, and having a strong Pack Leader meets a dog's most important psychological and...

Small dog sitting in grass scratching

Is your dog's itch normal or a sign of something else? Here's everything you need to know about canine allergies.

Woman giving affection to her dog

Are you best suited to adopt a puppy or a full-grown dog? Find out which pet will fit your lifestyle.

Dog staring at a toy

Excerpt from Cesar Millan's book 'Be the Pack Leader' on how to deal with obsessive dog behaviors and dog fixation over a toy, a bone, or other items.

Older beagle with a puppy beagle

I have a stable pack of three older adults. Since they are getting so old, my husband and I want to add a puppy.


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