Orphaned Baby Squirrel Followed A Pit Bull Home And Now They’re Best Buddies

A mother’s love knows no bounds – it can make itself present in all animals, like the adorable dog who happily took in an orphaned baby squirrel who took a shine to her.

Photo: Instagram/belleandbev

Everly was the friendly and loving pit bull who was chosen by a little baby squirrel to be its adopted mom. Given that Everly was already a very nurturing dog by nature, it was no surprise that she didn’t hesitate to take in the baby squirrel in need.

But people shouldn’t be shocked, as the caring and gentleness is all a part of the pit bull’s breed. While most think of the breed’s reputation for being savage animals, they’re actually not like that at all. Pit bulls are very calm and gentle animals by nature. In fact, during the 19th century, the breed was often referred to as “nanny dogs” because they were loyal, kind, and patient pets to have around children.

And Everly is not short of any of these wonderful traits, as she’s a dog who loves everyone, and makes friends wherever she goes – including with other animals.

Perhaps this adorable little baby squirrel could sense that, and decided to choose Everly as a the perfect adoptive mom for him. Either way, the dog happily welcomed the squirrel. And Morgan Joy Groves, Everly’s owner, wasn’t surprised at all by her dog’s reaction to the furry foster baby.

The two had come across the squirrel while on a walk and it was entirely alone.

Photo: Instagram/belleandbev

As Everly and her owner continued walking, the squirrel continued to follow them – eventually ended up back at home with the pair.

Everly was only too happy to take him in after that, and the little squirrel did not hesitate to get close to Everly. In fact, the little squirrel showed no fear in climbing up on top of the dog, curling up with her and enjoying a nap together.

From there, Everly and her foster baby became inseparable.

The sweet dog was very diligent in caring for him. But while she was a great foster mom, Everly couldn’t keep the baby squirrel forever. And eventually, the little baby squirrel had to go live in a wildlife center where he could receive the best care for him.

Photo: Instagram/belleandbev

Groves and Everly said goodbye to the baby squirrel, who went off to grow up in the company of two other squirrels, and eventually, the trio will be released back into the wild when grown and ready.

Naturally, when the story of Everly and her foster baby came out, the internet was only too happy to see this preciousness. Many people posted comments such as:

“I’m obsessed with these two!!”

“Amazing and Beautiful <3 <3”

“Just adorable…how great to be part of something so beautiful. <3”

“So happy we stumbled across this adorable story of friendship.”

“Heartwarming and so sweet <3”

“Always beautiful to see a cross species relationship <3”

Even though Everly had to say goodbye to her squirrel baby foster, she continues her motherly duties by regularly showing lots of love and attention to her cat.

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all the cuddles 🐾

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Truly the cutest thing you can witness.

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