Owner Doesn’t Care That His Dog Didn’t Win At Westminster Cause She Helped Him Beat Cancer

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is known worldwide. And annually, there are thousands of the finest dog breeds who come from all over, just to compete in the famous dog show – all of them vying for the title, “Best in Show.”

One such dog with high hopes was a 2-year old Pembroke Welsh corgi named Dolly. Unfortunately for Dolly, she was eliminated in her first class. But while she may not have walked away with the title, it was still a great achievement on her behalf just to get to the prestigious show. Not only did she win multiple other dog shows in order to get to Westminster, but it was her first time ever competing in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

While Dolly is proving herself a fantastic little show dog, that actually isn’t her greatest achievement. In fact, this amazing little dog actually managed to help her owner, Sean Sullivan, beat cancer. It was Dolly who first sensed that something wasn’t right, and she then refused to leave Sean’s side.

Later, Sean received the dreaded diagnosis of cancer – Stage 2 colorectal cancer. He quickly began an intense six months of chemotherapy treatment.

Dolly was at the top of her game-winning dog shows, and she was well-placed to earn herself a coveted spot at Westminster. However, her handler, Ann, who is actually Sean’s wife, had to step back due to Sean’s intense chemo schedule. But a close friend of the couple stepped up and offered to help them by continuing to take Dolly to dog shows, to which the pair agreed.

It was a blessing, as the competitions helped to divert their attention from the constant threat of cancer looming over their household.

As Ann explained to The Washington Post, “Every win from the road, every ribbon, we could just take our mind off cancer.”

Even at home when there weren’t any shows to attend, Dolly remained a source of comfort for Sean, never leaving his side. And while she may not have taken any prizes at Westminster, that doesn’t matter to Sean. He already credits her with being his source of positivity that helped him overcome the disease. Thankfully, he’s been in remission for five months.

So while someone else might have been “Best in Show” at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Dolly will always remain Sean’s “grand champion.” And being loved is way better than any award ribbon.

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