Owner Plays Tic Tac Toe With His Dog During Quarantine

Boredom can definitely be a great motivator for dog owners to teach their pets cool new tricks. And that is exactly what 31-year-old Youth pastor, Andy Imbimbo, did. Andy, who is from Union, New Jersey, started to use his self-isolation time to teach his mini Goldendoodle dog, Dundie, how to play various games, including tic tac toe.

Andy recorded his progress in a series of video clips that he uploaded to social media – much to the delight of his viewers, all who are impressed by Dundie’s new abilities, including the little pup’s mastery of these games.

Andy’s training session of Dundie began with a stack of toilet paper that he and his wife had put out as a hurdle for Dundie to jump over. Once the dog had proven he could conquer that, the tasks became more demand.

Soon, Andy was challenging his pooch to a game of tic tac toe. Impressively, the little dog won.

As Andy shared, “We were stuck in quarantine in our house due to Coronavirus. We decided to have some fun and play games with our puppy. We came up with the idea on the spot. My wife took out toilet paper and stacked it up as a barricade for the dog to jump over. I then had the idea to use treats to play tic tac toe.

He added, “Dundie loves that we are home! He gets long walks and lots of attention so I am sure he will be sad when we have to go back to our normal schedules.”

After posting the video of Dundie, Andy received a lot of attention from fellow dog owners around the world.

As one person commented, “Aww hahaha I love this.”

We do too!

Another person wrote, “This is the content we TRULY need right now.”

Can’t argue with that.

There was even another commentator who made the jest that Andy must’ve been guilty of buying up all the toilet paper supplies. Surprisingly, they weren’t bothered by the fact that such a precious commodity was being used for creating entertainment content.

As the person said, “IT WAS YOU! You bought out the supply of tp. I’m not even mad about it. This was great!”

At least we can all get a good laugh out of the cute content. Dogs are truly the virtual pandemic heroes that everyone needs.

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