Parents On Vacation Get Adorable Video Update From Their Son And The Dog

When we go on vacation, we try to leave our pets with people that we can trust – usually either close friends or family. Therefore, it was no surprise that when Garrett Johnson’s parents decided to go on a cruise, they left him in charge of taking care of both the home and their family pet, Oscar – an adorable Shi Tzu and a Pomeranian mix.

Once the parents had gone off, his mom did what all moms do, and continued to ask him to take good care of Oscar. Wanting to prove that everything was fine, Garrett got creative and decided to send his parents a hilarious video to show that he was indeed being responsible.

The brief video featured both Garrett and Oscar. At the start of the clip, Garrett asks Oscar what he’d like to do. From there, the camera turned to look at Oscar, who gives the camera an adorable look – kicking off the adventure at home. Then, “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne begins to play as Oscar runs off. The camera focuses on several fun activities, like Oscar feasting at the human’s table, the pup watching movies and Oscar indulging in endless playtime.

And the fun is all just Garrett and Oscar.

When Garrett’s mother received the video update, she was actually so happy, and as Garrett had shared with The Dodo, she “cried laughing.”

It wasn’t long before Garrett uploaded his great work of film art to Twitter, with the caption, “My parents went on a cruise and left me home alone. My mom kept telling me to take good care of our dog Oscar. So I sent her this.”

It took off in popularity on Twitter, with thousands of people commenting on the video, as well as viewing it and sharing it with others.

You can watch the adorable video below:

My parents went on a cruise so I was left alone with Oscar, My mom kept telling me to make sure to take good care of him, so Mom here is proof!

Posted by Garrett Johnson on Monday, February 25, 2019


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