Paula Abdul Left Heartbroken After Both Of Her Dogs Died In The Same Week

Most of us can’t imagine losing one pet, let alone two. Sadly, life doesn’t always make things fair, and sometimes we have to endure horrible heartbreaks, like what happened to Paula Abdul.

The former singer made a sad announcement on her Instagram where she revealed that her two precious pets died within the same week.

She wrote, “This last week, I lost two of my precious angels- Tinkerbell and Charity. A big piece of my heart is missing.”

Photo: Instagram/paulaabdul

She added, “So grateful to have been their Mommy and for all the unconditional love they gave me for all these years. It’s amazing the kind of love a dog provides- it’s truly a gift from God.”

Even though she’s devastated, Paula still has two other rescue dogs, Bessie Moo and Nemo. No doubt she is relying on them to cheer her up. Paula has always had a soft spot for Chihuahuas, and she recently adopted Nemo – a three-legged dog. Nemo fit into the little family quite well.

When she adopted Nemo, the rescue, Pet Matchmaker Rescue Inc., shared the good news by writing, “Nemo will live a wonderful life in a Chihuahua savvy home where all of his future medical needs will be met and he will be spoiled and doted over for the rest of his life. Thank you @paulaabdul for choosing to rescue and save a life.”

Paula has always been a proud doggie mom by posting about her pups. She even dedicated a National Dog Day post for them by writing, “Happy #NationalDogDay from me and my nap buddy Bessie Moo 😴🐶 The love and companionship of a dog is unlike any other and I have been blessed with so many amazing pups, including sweet Bessie, Charity & Tinker Bell ♥️🐾.”

Following her sad post on Instagram, there was a huge outpouring of love from her followers. Thousands of them reacted or posted to the news, with one follower commenting, “So sorry for your loss. It’s never easy losing a pet❤️😞🙏🏽prayers to you & sending lots of love your way.” Paula personally responded to thank everyone for reaching out and sharing their love on her post.

So sorry for your loss Paula!


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