Photographer Takes Beautiful Pictures Of His Dog On Their Norwegian Adventures

Dogs and adventure. Those are really the only two things in life that you need to be happy. And there is one man who has dedicated an entire Instagram page to the adventures that he takes with his dog, an Irish Setter named Troja. Based off the photos, we can only imagine that George Rotan is one of the happiest people alive. For years the man has been going on adventures in the Norwegian wilderness with Troja as his loyal sidekick. Along the way, he’s been meticulously documenting all the adventures with some very stunning photos. 

There is no denying that Troja is quite the natural in front of the camera. Not to mention that Troja is arguably giving off some major hashtag hair goals, something that Rotan seems to always manage to capture in his photos of his favorite photography subject.  Rotan first set up his Instagram account way back in November 2014. He posted a lot of scenery shots, and some of Troja as well, but it wasn’t until many members of the public began to express their love for Troja’s photos. That is when Rotan switched to making Troja the main focus of his amazing pictures. 

Today, Rotan’s Instagram page has 245K followers and has inspired many other adventurers to follow their passions and go on outdoor treks with their dogs. Check out some of Rotan’s pictures of Troja in the gallery below:

1 Sleepy Pup

Only a dog could look so cute while asleep in some greenery.

2 Wind in My Hair

Troja definitely looks like a cover of some romance novel with the wind in her hair.

3 Life is Hard

It must be so difficult living life as one big outdoor adventure

4 Cover Girl

This pup definitely has enviable hair and she knows just how to work it

5 Peek a Boo!

I see you!

6 New Profile Pic, Who Dis?

Everything about this picture says stunning.

7 Playing in the Snow

Troja looks so happy, it almost makes us wish we were playing in the snow too.

8 Connecting with the Past

This picture makes Troja look as though she’s getting in touch with her wolf roots – you almost expect her to begin howling.

9 When You Get 8 Hours Sleep and Stay Hydrated

This is what we all think we look like when we’ve managed to get a full night’s rest and drink our water.

10 Best Friends

Sometimes the photographer has to come out from behind the camera to get a cute picture with their subject.

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