Police Dog That Was ‘Too Soft’ Gets A New Job Chasing Birds Away From The Airport Runway

Sometimes when one door closes it’s because another one is opening. Or something like that. It’s supposed to be a way to remain positive while your life temporarily falls apart around you – like when you thought you were meant for a particular job but then find out that you’re not suited for it at all.

Like the former police dog hopeful who was let go from the force for being “too soft.” While that definitely sucked for him, there are worse complaints to be had. Besides, he is now looking at a much more suitable role that he’ll no doubt be wonderful at.

Ozzie was born into a litter in 2018 that was specifically to be raised and trained by the Queensland Police Service. He thought this was what he was born to do, but as his training continued, it became apparent that the 18-month-old canine wasn’t aggressive enough to be a part of the police force.

Credit: Queensland Police

Ozzie wasn’t too keen on chasing criminals, but he did have another passion: chasing birds. And you know how they say you should follow your passions in order to get your dream job? Well, Ozzie’s bird chasing days will be plenty as he’s now got himself a brand new job at Brisbane Airport in Australia. And you guessed it, he is an official bird chaser.

Ozzie is working and living with his handler, Jackson Ring. Jackson said to Daily Mail Australia, “Ozzie didn’t portray all the necessary traits of a police canine – but he is perfect for what we want, which is introducing a predator into the environment.”

Since getting kicked off the police force and landing himself a new job, Ozzie’s latest gig is to scare away birds from the highly frequented areas of the airport in an effort to reduce the chances of them getting sucked into the engines of planes.

Previously, the airport had been using cars with sirens, but the birds got used to them. So, the one thing that birds won’t ever get used to, is dogs. And that is where Ozzie comes in.

Credit: Queensland Police

According to the MailOnline, the birds are now terrified to come anywhere near the planes – and that’s a good thing. It means that takeoffs and landings are that much safer for not just the birds, but that passengers onboard as well.

Jackson said, “His priorities in life are ball, then breathing and then everything else below that. He’s perfect for us though because of his love of balls. He goes out and he’s so happy to run around. He has got so much energy. He will do whatever we want as long as he can come back and play with his ball.”

Besides getting to follow his dream of chasing birds, Ozzie’s job has other perks such as plenty of exercise. And, on some of the more quiet days, he even gets to go off-site to one of the nearby parks to chase more birds while practicing different drills. It sounds like the life.

Jackson then added, “I love him and the team loves him. He is the biggest morale boost in the world. His duties out on the airfield and his training are one thing but another benefit of having a dog is he is an amazing companion. We have formed an incredible bond. Everyone loves him. He’s such a great bundle of energy and positivity running around.”

So happy that Ozzie has gotten to the pinnacle of his career and is living the dream.

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