Puppy Digs A Hole In The Sand And Throws A Fit When The Ocean Fills It Back Up

The beach is a fun place to hang out and forget about your troubles. The sun and the sea are the perfect combination to make you feel relaxed. While most of us could do without the sand – it gets everywhere no matter how careful you are – there are those who love to play in the sand. And those who love playing around in the sand would be kids and dogs.

While most kids love to dig up the sand and build giant sandcastles and other structures, our dogs just love to dig. And one little golden retriever, Angus, is no exception. In one video of him at the beach, he was overjoyed to be gigging up a hole in the sand. 

Unfortunately for Angus, the tide wasn’t exactly cooperating. For anyone who has been to the beach and tried to play in the sand, you know that it can be a bit tricky with the changing tides. The good sand that allows you to build structurally sound sandcastles is usually down close to the shoreline where it’s wet. But getting down to the shoreline comes with its risks. When the tide is out you’re free to build and play risk-free, however, when the tide comes in, it becomes a race against the water. 

And sadly for Angus, all his efforts digging his spectacular hole ended up being in vain. As soon as he dug it, the tide washed in and filled it up with water. The poor little pup was so upset, and we don’t blame him one bit. In the video, he is clearly confused by where his hole disappeared to once the water moved in. 

It’s too bad that someone couldn’t explain to him just how tides work, because it’s actually a little heart breaking to watch how sad he got when the hole he worked so hard to dig disappeared. The cute thing is, at one point he even tried to defend it against the incoming tide. In the video he actually tries to nip at the water at one point, and barks at it like he’s trying to tell it to stay away from his hole. It’s just too precious to watch. Dogs are truly such innocent little creatures. We don’t deserve them!

Watch Angus fight off the water in the video clip below:

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