Puppy Refuses To Fall Asleep So Dad Sings Her A Lullaby

We all have our night-time routines. And if we have pets, they are most certainly included in bedtime rituals. In fact, they may also have their own. When I lived at home, when it was time for bed I would have to literally tell my cat “it’s bed time,” then scoop her up like a baby. If I didn’t, she wouldn’t settle down once we went to bed. It was a bizarre ritual, but I found it cute.

And speaking of cute, there was an adorable little dog who wouldn’t sleep without a lullaby. Puti is a red puppy pit bull who needs her bedtime lullaby before settling down for bed. And it’s just too precious for us to cope with.

Her owner is more than happy to oblige her need for a lullaby. We can’t blame him, the dog’s little face is just too precious to say no to.

Finding his dog’s penchant for lullabies, he decided to get out his phone and record the adorable little quirk. And we are so glad that he did.

The video is beyond precious since this dog cutie is all cuddled up in her crate. What absolutely makes us smile is the big puppy-dog eyes that she gives her owner when asking for her night night song.

Photo: Youtube

Even the owner can tell what she wants. And in the video, he is heard gently saying, “You need daddy to sing to you to go to sleep, my little baby?”

And she understands what he’s saying because that is exactly what she wants. Her pleading look dissipates as soon as he starts to sing. The little dog then starts to get sleepy, and her little eyes are so sleepy and she yawns – clearly enjoying being serenaded to sleep.

The song that she absolutely loves to hear rock her to sleep? A modified version of Sarah McLachlan’s, “In The Arms Of An Angel.”

Her owner sings the line, “In the arms of your daddy. Little baby sleeps. It’s my little big baby. Go to sleep, baby, please. Please go to sleep…”

Absolutely precious!

It isn’t long before the cute pup is fast asleep and having sweet dreams thanks to her owner’s soothing voice and sweet lyrics. I’m sure there are many dog owners out there who do something similar for their pups at bedtime. Are you a dog owner who sings lullabies to your pet? Let us know!

In the meantime, watch the adorable video below:

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