Puppy Steals Her Mom’s Dentures And Flaunts Them Around The Hous

Dogs bring so much joy into our lives, especially when they’re making us laugh. Most of the time though, our dogs have no idea why we’re laughing, but they seem happy just to see us happy. Our dogs will often do unintentionally funny things that bring smiles to our faces. My dog used to make us laugh every time she went for a nap under the azalea plant because she’d come out looking like she was wearing a camo suit with all the leaves that would get stuck in her hair. While it was funny to us, all dog owners have their own experiences of what makes them laugh at their pups.

For one woman, her dog gave her a real good belly laugh after he got into a bit of trouble. The naughty pup had snuck into a room of the house and taken something that didn’t belong to him: a pair of dentures. While the dog had committed a big no-no, the results were hilarious.

His owner soon noted that there was something up with her dog. When she took a closer look, it became evident that he’d stolen her dentures. But she couldn’t stop laughing at the dog’s transgression since it looked like he had a pair of teeth. The dog had picked them up in the exact right spot to make it appear as though the teeth were his. 

His owner shared the funny video, which gained a lot of popularity. Sadly for the pup, he will never know just how famous he became after his video went viral. 

Watch it below:

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