Rat And German Shepherd Love To Take Naps Together

When we think of rats, we don’t always think cute and cuddly. And we probably don’t think of them as being members of a household. When I think about rats, my mind goes straight to that scene in Lady and the Tramp where Tramp ends up having to fight the rat. And most dogs would probably see a rat as an enemy. 

But for Nuka the dog, rats are friends, not food. Nuka is a very sweet pup who has gotten very close with Blue, a grey and white rat. The two were brought together thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. When the coronavirus forced the local pet shop to shut down, the business was desperate to find emergency homes for all their animals. Being the animal lovers that they were, Nuka’s family decided that they would do their part and reach out to the pet shop. That is when they ended up with Blue the rat.

As soon as Blue came into the family, Nuka was his biggest cheerleader. The German Shepherd pup was more than happy to welcome the teensy animal into the family fold. In fact, Nuka’s owners were quite impressed with the large dog’s response to having a rat around. When being introduced, Nuka laid still on the ground while Blue got to say hello.

Their introductions were short-lived since Nuka quickly took to the rodent. The two have been besties ever since. They spend all their time together, doing best friend activities such as napping together, and bathing one another – although its mostly Nuka giving Blue the baths. 

Watch these two in the clip below:

How sweet is their friendship? Do you have a dog that is friends with a rat or other rodent? Let us know!

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