Rescue Dog Fails Spectacularly At The Agility Course

Sometimes, it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun – or at least that seemed to be one little dog’s motto when participating in the Crufts dog show. And while he may not have walked away with any prizes, he definitely earned the crowd’s adoration.

Kratu is an adorable little rescue dog from Romania. He was entered as a participant in the dog show. And while he had a strong start, the pup decided that he wasn’t going to follow the rules and instead, was his own individual doggie, making up the rules as he went along. He didn’t stick to the contest’s set pattern, but rather created his own.

During the agility course, the adorable Kratu leap a few hurdles, but then decided that he was going to take a break in one of the tunnels before setting off in reverse – just having fun along the way.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Crufts

Little Kratu even scurried around the edge of the course, letting the crowd get a closer look at him. Meanwhile, his flustered handler tried to get him back on course. But it didn’t quite work. Kratu did run back onto the course, but he didn’t run over or through any of the objects – instead he just ran around all of them.

The display even had the announcer laughing as he entertained the crowd trying to mimic what Kratu would have been thinking, saying “It is nice in here. I think I will just stay in the tunnel.”

Screen Shot: YouTube/Crufts

Eventually, Kratu wore himself out and was over the agility display. He ushered himself off the floor, but not after having thoroughly entertained the crowd. While he might not have won first place, or even placed, he definitely had a blast doing his own thing.

After the video of his performance was uploaded to social media, it went viral. Lots of people enjoyed watching him.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Crufts

One commentator said, “Definitely an emotional support dog. My mood is much better after watching.”

While someone else wrote, “Kratu is the embodiment of ‘do what you like, like what you do’ and I love him.”

And one social media user summed it up perfectly, stating, “I love it when dogs go to Crufts and just be dogs. I love the mischievous look on their faces, and their body stance is mischievous too. Olly was back this year too.”

Watch the hilarious video below:

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