Restaurant Is Holding A Special Valentine’s Event So Single Dogs Can Find Love

A modern-day Lady and the Tramp event is being held at a London restaurant in time for Valentine’s Day. Given that Valentine’s Day is normally reserved for human couples in love, or in search of love, it’s nice to see that this year, dogs are getting in on the fun as well.

The event is being held on the 15th of February – one day after Valentine’s in order to give the dogs’ owners a chance to have a romantic evening with their significant others – and will take place at the M Restaurant in Victoria, London.

Single dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome to the romantic event, which will treat them to a special dog-friendly brunch. However, before they can sit down to enjoy the meal, there will be a little doggie speed dating so they can pick a partner for the special event.

This little speed dating will involve lining the dogs up across from each other so they can size up their potential dates before picking one.

Unlike Lady and the Tramp, there will be no candlelit spaghetti dinner. Instead, the dogs attending will be enjoying bowls of black pudding granola and bone marrow risotto – sounds delightful.

And their owners won’t just be watching from the sidelines. They will also get to enjoy a brunch of their own, in the form of buttermilk fried chicken waffles, eggs, chicken liver on toast – which is served with capers and onions, and peanut butter ice cream.

But that isn’t the end of the event. After the brunch, the restaurant’s executive chef will be holding a masterclass called “cook for your furbaby” in order to give you all the insider tips and tricks to create gourmet food at home for your dog.

If this sounds like your idea of spending Valentine’s Day with your dog, the event begins at 11 am. Tickets are available for purchase for £35, which is $45.62 USD. This includes the price of “six legs” meaning you and your dog. £5, or $6.52 USD of the ticket cost will be donated to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

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