Senior Dog With Skin Condition Jumps For Joy Upon Hearing He Has Been Adopted

Anyone who has adopted a dog knows just how grateful and excited they can be when they realize that they’re being adopted. Dogs very much have feelings and can understand what is going on around them, so when they’re stuck in a shelter, they certainly know that they’re in a not-so-happy place. Which is why they’re so happy when someone comes along and decides that they’re going to adopt them.

And when 10-year-old Dreadlock ended up at the Soi Dog shelter, where he stayed for four years, he was in pretty sad condition. The poor dog had arrived at the shelter suffering from many horrible skin problems, as well as a dirt and matted coat. His unfortunate physical state ended up giving him his name.

At first it took a while for Dreadlock to come out of his shell, but eventually the older dog proved himself to be a sweet and quiet dog, who didn’t get very excited about a whole lot except for cuddles and walks.

However, he took everyone one at the shelter by surprise when he reacted to one of the volunteers giving him the good news that he would soon be headed for a forever home in the UK. And the reaction was just perfect, it gave us all the feels.

Watch the beautiful video reaction below:

Like Jasper there are thousands of dogs and cats at the Soi Dog shelter in Thailand who are waiting to be adopted after escaping tragic lives of abuse and neglect. The volunteers at the Soi Dog shelter will gladly take care of all arrangements for transport to the US, Canada and Europe for anyone willing to adopt a dog or cat from their shelter.

For more information, click here.

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