Senior Rescue Dog Loves To Visit His Favorite Neighbor

If you’re in any way a responsible pet owner, you know that sometimes having a pet comes with some tough decisions. We all want to believe that we’ll have our dogs forever. And we probably adopt our pets with that intent in our minds and our hearts. But sometimes life has other plans. The decision to rehome a dog is never an easy decision. However, sometimes it’s the only right decision to be made as it is what is in the best interest of the pet or pets involved. Most people rehome dogs because of behavioral issues that cannot be fixed. But sometimes pet owners must rehome their pets for health issues. That is always a sad turn of events when an owner becomes unwell and is no longer capable of caring for their beloved pet. This usually happens with older people and it can be very distressing for all involved.

One golden retriever pup thought he had a wonderful life. Cheddar had a great home and family environment for eight years. He was the apple of his family’s eye. Unfortunately for Cheddar, things took a turn for the worst when one of his owners received a cancer diagnosis. Suddenly the family no longer had the time or the resources to take care of the golden retriever like he deserved. After some deliberation, the family decided that the best thing for Cheddar would be to find him a new home where he could be properly cared for. And that is how Cheddar found himself up for adoption. But Cheddar got lucky. He didn’t have to wait long for a new forever home with another family that adored him. 

Cheddar quickly settled into his new home and his new life. His new owners would take him on daily walks. It was on these excursions that Cheddar came to meet Jean, an elderly neighbor living in the community. Cheddar’s new owners would sometimes stop by her home in order to say hello. The golden retriever was quickly smitten with Jean. Soon, the pooch was quite insistent on stopping by her home. If his walk didn’t take him by Jean’s house Cheddar was not above throwing a tantrum until he was taken to say hello.

Cheddar grew so used to stopping by Jean’s home that he began to give his owners a signal that he was ready to go say hello. Cheddar started grabbing his leash and bringing it to his owners as though to say, “Okay, I’m ready to visit Jean now.” And if his owners ever tried to take a different route on their walk Cheddar would steer them in the direction of Jean’s home. 

Dogs are simply the sweetest animals out there. Watch Cheddar and Jean’s friendship in the clip below:

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