Service Dogs Had To Watch A Live Musical As Part Of Their Training, And Their Photo Goes Viral

The internet is in love with the cutest picture of working dogs going through their full-service training in Ontario, Canada. The dogs are with the K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs, where employees train service dogs to meet their individual handlers’ needs, thanks to a unique service dog support program.

Photo: Facebook / Elizabeth Copeman

The beginning stages of the program involve a lot of repetitive obedience and socialization training before the dogs can progress to their final stage. It is during the final stage that these good girls and boys get the chance to demonstrate their obedience.

By the time they graduate from the training facility, the dogs are well-mannered, outgoing, confident, and friendly service dogs who work well with people, kids, and other animals. K-9 Country Inn focuses heavily on training service dogs since they need to be able to assist their handlers in their daily activities. Besides that, the dogs also need to have the skills that allow them to save their owner’s life should the need arise.

As part of the two-year program, the service-dogs-to-be of K-9 Country Inn must pass a unique test: watching the musical “Billy Elliot” at the Stratford Festival. It would seem that this endeavor helps to prepare the service dogs to be able to accompany their handlers anywhere.

Photo: Facebook / Elizabeth Copeman

Inside the theater, which has 1,800 seats, the dogs quietly sit through the entire show beside other patrons. Since theater etiquette requires them to sit still and remain quiet, it can be a difficult task for curious dogs.

The service dogs are expected to remain at their handler’s feet while they watch the performance. Some dogs however did manage a sneak peek or two during the performance. And they were caught on camera.

Photo: Facebook / Elizabeth Copeman

Regardless of how cute or funny the photo might be, the head trainer said that all the dogs did a fantastic job staying on their best behavior throughout the show.

Well done guys!

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