Shelter Dog Waited For 2,536 Days To Find Her Forever Home

There are so many lonely dogs in the shelter system who need homes. Unfortunately, not all their stories will result in a happily ever after ending. Sadly, many of them will end up meeting their unfortunate end in a shelter. That is why it is so important to remember to adopt rather than shop. When we got our dog, she was on her final week at the shelter. Had we not adopted her, she would’ve been euthanized. And given all the joy and happiness and love that she brought to our family throughout her years, we were so thankful that we saw her and adopted her in time. We couldn’t imagine life without her. 

One dog who spent almost seven years in the shelter finally beat the odds and found her forever home! The beautiful pooch spent exactly 2,536 days inside of New Jersey’s shelter care system before she managed to find her happily ever after and be adopted. The dog is named Brooklyn, and she had been at the Hamilton Township Animal Shelter and Adoption Center in Trenton, New Jersey. The shelter was delighted to be able to share the wonderful news in a Facebook post.

💥💥Yay for BROOKLYN!💥💥It took 2,536 days, but this beautiful girl has finally been adopted! 🥰Thank you to everyone…

Posted by Hamilton Township Animal Shelter & Adoption Center on Saturday, August 15, 2020

The shelter wrote online, “It took 2,536 days, but this beautiful girl has finally been adopted! Thank you to everyone involved in making this dream come true. It takes a village – from the volunteers, staff, her foster dad, and everyone who shared her all over social media.” 

The shelter also included a wonderful photo of Brooklyn at home with her new family, cementing the great significance of the moment. The good news was shared only a few days after the shelter had run a major social media plea on Facebook for someone to foster the pooch. 

⚠️⚠️ FOSTER NEEDED⚠️⚠️Help us find a foster for this beautiful girl, so she doesn't have to return to the shelter….

Posted by Hamilton Township Animal Shelter & Adoption Center on Monday, August 10, 2020

In the previous post, they had written, “Help us find a foster for this beautiful girl, so she doesn’t have to return to the shelter. Brooklyn has spent close to 7 years in the shelter and now that she’s spent the past 6 weeks in a foster home, we don’t want to crush her spirit by making her return to her same lonely kennel run.”

That post, along with another one that featured Brooklyn’s sad story, was what helped facilitate her adoption. Both posts ended up receiving loads of attention and shares – and that helped to finally get sweet little Brooklyn out of the shelter system. We wish her all the happiness and love in her new home. 

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