Shiba Inu Goes Viral For Always Ruining Group Pictures

Dogs are just too cute that you find yourself constantly wanting to take pictures of them. As a kid pictures weren’t important to me, but as I grew up I noticed that there were many pet parents around me who loved to take pictures of their pets and post them to social media. I always said I was never going to be that pet owner who was incessantly taking photos of my pets, but then I adopted my cat Felicity and thus a proud pet parent was born. I became that cat mom who was always taking photos of her fur baby and posting them to social media. And I’m not alone, many other pet parents do it. Some even do it because their pet isn’t exactly photogenic, but just hilariously bad at posing for the camera. And those are the pet photos that we absolutely adore.

Some pets are just like people – comically bad at being able to take a decent picture. They don’t do it on purpose, it just doesn’t come easily to them. We all have that one friend in the group who just looks terrible in photos and ends up forcing the group to retake a picture several times in order to get it semi-right. Of course, when it comes to pets being bad at group photos our hearts just melt. And that is exactly the kind of content that one dog owner began posting to Instagram after their adorable little Shiba Inu consistently proved that he couldn’t take a good photo to save his life. 

Hina the Shiba Inu is just the sweetest-looking pup ever, but he’s got one major flaw: he stinks at group photos. Whenever he and his buddies, Kikko, Sasha, and Momo, get together for pictures, things never go according to plan. While Kikko, Sasha, and Momo are able to pose the house down, poor Hina looks a little less than Instagramable. But in an ironic twist, this bad photo-taker is actually quite popular on social media!

Below are some of our favorite pictures of the hopeless pup:

What do you think of Hina’s pictures? This pup definitely can’t get a group picture right, but he’s adorable for trying! Do your dogs ever struggle with taking a nice picture? Let us know!

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